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rack of ribs alongside bbq sauce and beer

Best Beer & BBQ Rib Pairings

There are so many different beers on the market these days that it can be hard to decide which best pairs with your BBQ ribs. Of course, the best way to explore is through experimentation, but here are some simple pairings that will satisfy any palate. Lager Beer A lager or light beer goes best with lighter flavored ribs with a sweeter sauce like honey BBQ. The beer's maltiness will complement the sweetness of the sauce, while the carbonation will help cleanse your palate between bites. If you like a darker flavor, try the roasted lagers that come out in late summer. Pale Ale A pale ale is an excellent choice...

pork tenderloin dinner

8 of the Best Sauces for Pork Tenderloin

Great pork tenderloin is a thing of beauty. The best part about the pork tenderloin is that it can be paired with just about any sauce you want, so long as it's not too sweet or tangy. Here are some of our favorite sauces to pair with your next pork tenderloin dinner! Spicy Mustard Sauce This sauce pairs well because the spicy mustard add an exciting flavor while still standing against fatty meat like pork loins. Add honey for sweetness if needed, but this sauce should not need much more than salt and pepper to taste amazing. Country Sweet Hot Sauce Country Sweet Hot Sauce is the perfect addition to any...

grilled chicken legs and fruit on grill in winter

Holiday & Winter Grilling Ideas

The holidays are a time of celebration, and what better way to celebrate than with food. We have compiled some delicious recipes to help you create an unforgettable holiday feast for your family. Of course, no great gathering is complete without grilled food. Try one of these tasty grilling ideas to bring even more flavor into your celebrations this year. Sticky Grilled Chicken Sticky grilled chicken refers to the chicken you need to baste with a glaze or marinade every 15 minutes. Sticky grilled chicken is super easy and delicious. You will need : One bottle of your favorite BBQ sauceOne cup of brown sugar, honey, or molasses(OPTIONAL) One teaspoon of...

popcorn topped with mild sauce

7 Alternatives to Wings for Pairing with Mild Sauce

What’s the best way to enjoy your chicken wings? With buffalo sauce of course! While buffalo sauce and chicken wings are the perfect combo, did you know that there are plenty of other foods that go great with this delicious sauce? To give you a few great ideas, let’s explore a few of the best food pairings for mild buffalo sauce. 1 . Popcorn Call us crazy if you will, but popcorn tastes pretty delish when dipped in tangy buffalo sauce. If you’ve tried sweet and salty popcorn, why not try it spicy next time? Popcorn is light in flavor, so you can choose pretty much any seasoning that...

grilled and marinated chicken wings

How to Cook Chicken Wings on the Grill

Baked, grilled or fried? When it comes to cooking wings, each has their benefits. For the sake of this article, we are going to walkthrough the steps for properly grilling your wings for the optimal level of flavor and texture. While the approach isn't dissimilar to any other fired foods, there are a few small details to make the final product really shine. Marinating One of the best things to do before you start the cooking process is to make sure you marinate your wings before you start to cook them. Now, this will depend largely on the flavoring you want to impart on the wings, and preparing...

colorful non-acholic drinks

10 Refreshing Non Alcoholic Drinks for a BBQ

A BBQ is a wonderful way of spending the summer, and socializing with family and friends. It is a great opportunity to experiment with delicious grilled food, as well as hosting get-togethers in style. BBQs are a great way of spending time eating and drinking, and there are plenty of elements that play a role in helping with this. Now, of course, a lot of people will enjoy alcoholic beverages during a BBQ, but it is also good to have some non-alcoholic options as well. And this is why it is important to try to make sure you have some options to choose from. So, here are...

grilled shrimp on skewers alongside a lemon wedge and ramekin of pesto sauce, all served on a black plate

9 of the Best Sauces to pair with Grilled Shrimp

Grilled shrimp is a staple of summer cooking. It has the perfect salty, sweet, and spicy mixture that takes your taste buds on an adventure with every bite. The best part? Grilling it is so easy!  This meal needs just a few ingredients which include:  SaltPepperOlive oil, and Lemon juice But what about the sauces? Which one should you use to top off this delicious dish? Here are recommendations for the best sauces for grilled shrimp. Shrimp Butter  The butter makes the flavor of the shrimp even better. A simple recipe is to saute some garlic in butter, add a little bit of lemon juice before taking it off the heat, and add...

overhead shot of a ramekin of spicy red sauce aside some chili peppers

How to Make Sauce Less Spicy

Is there anything worse than coming to the end of a recipe, sitting down to a freshly cooked meal and then having your mouth on fire because the spice just isn't what was intended? Well, there are probably a lot of things worse than that but in the moment the disappointment can be crushing. Sauces that you create for your recipes are supposed to suit your taste buds, and yet there are sauces out there that can wind up being far too spicy.  This can occur for a number of reasons, from too much measuring with your heart for spices, to mistaking one pepper for another. You want...

assortment of condiments

15 Best Condiments for Your Outdoor BBQ Party

The right selection of condiments can make or break your outdoor barbecue gathering. While some occasions may call for a very specific layout of perfectly tailored accompaniments, in this article we will cover 15 of the best condiments to have on hand for just about any outdoor grilling get together. Mustard Mustard is an excellent condiment to use at your BBQ. Mustard has been around for centuries, and you can find different varieties of it available everywhere now. Some mustard is spicy, while other mustards are sweet because of honey or maple syrup. You can use it to create a glaze, or you could just spread the mustard...

assortment of meats over grill top fire

Charcoal vs. Gas: Benefits and Characteristics of Each for BBQ

The debate over charcoal vs. gas for BBQ has raged on in the backyard since both existed. Proponents of gas will argue that it is; EasierLess messyIt doesn't require any special skills to operate. Proponents of charcoal will argue that with a little more effort comes better flavor and perfectly crispy skin. Here are some benefits and characteristics of each to help you make your decision. Benefits and Characteristics of Charcoal: More Flavor Charcoal helps to add an authentic smoky flavor to your food because it burns hotter than gas. When you cook over charcoal, the juices from the meat drip down onto the hot coals and vaporize into smoke that flavors...

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