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About Country Sweet

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If you’ve ever spent time in the Rochester, New York area, then maybe you’ve been fortunate enough to experience the totally unique taste of our legendary Country Sweet Sauce. If not, you’re still in luck, because Country Sweet is now available nationwide!

First developed in a home kitchen in Rochester, New York, this sauce is unlike anything you’ve ever tried. Made from all natural ingredients, it’s the perfect mix of sweet and tangy with just the right kick to bring any food to life.

Not a traditional barbecue sauce, Country Sweet is the all-purpose flavor enhancer that has no boundaries. Add a delicious zest to chicken, pork, beef, seafood and even pizza. Use it before, during or after cooking to create your own mouth-watering recipes that will dazzle your family and friends.

Try Country Sweet in mild, hot or BBQ and discover why it’s the ultimate sauce for turning up the flavor on anything you’re cooking.

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Our Sauces

What began 40 years ago as a simple recipe created in a Rochester kitchen, is today one of America’s most popular flavor enhancers, and truly unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Discover our sauces!

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Whether you’re looking for wings by the piece, plate or boneless, we’ve got you covered.

Fill up on chicken, rib and seafood favorites featuring our special sauce.

Finish off or make a meal out of our delicious sides.


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Thanks for making Country Sweet one of the leading flavor enhancers for over 40 wonderful years!