popcorn topped with mild sauce

7 Alternatives to Wings for Pairing with Mild Sauce

What’s the best way to enjoy your chicken wings? With buffalo sauce of course! While buffalo sauce and chicken wings are the perfect combo, did you know that there are plenty of other foods that go great with this delicious sauce? To give you a few great ideas, let’s explore a few of the best food pairings for mild buffalo sauce.

1 . Popcorn

Call us crazy if you will, but popcorn tastes pretty delish when dipped in tangy buffalo sauce. If you’ve tried sweet and salty popcorn, why not try it spicy next time? Popcorn is light in flavor, so you can choose pretty much any seasoning that you like.

First, buy yourself some plain popcorn and then check out a buffalo popcorn recipe online. It’s simple to make, all you need is a little hot sauce, butter, cayenne pepper, salt, sugar and paprika. If you’re looking for buffalo food pairings besides wings, popcorn is a tasty place to start.

2. French Fries

French fries wouldn’t be anywhere near as yummy without a seriously tasty dip. If you’d like to give your fries a bit of a kick, mild buffalo sauce is the way to go. Once you’ve cooked up your fries add a generous serving of mild sauce, then crumbed blue cheese as a finishing touch. Want to take your spice experience to the next level? Then try adding a few jalapenos too (go on we dare you)!

3. Chicken Pizza 

Buffalo chicken will always be an old fav, but have you ever had buffalo sauce on a chicken pizza? Give your taste buds a treat today with this seriously mouth-watering concoction. Chicken pizza is the perfect food for any occasion, whether you’re throwing a casual dinner party, or making a light snack for your kids. Make your own or order in, but be sure to try your pizza with a mild buffalo dip on the side- (just delicious).

4. Buffalo Grilled Cheese 

Bored of the same old grilled cheese sandwich? Try shaking things up a bit with a tasty buffalo grilled cheese. It’s easy to make, first take a small bowl and mix up some paprika, blue cheese, cream cheese, and cayenne pepper. Get yourself another bowl and mix up buffalo sauce, cooked chicken, and minced garlic. The chicken should be shredded and you’ll need to stir until the meat is coated in sauce.

Butter your bread, add the cheese mixture, and then the chicken. Add two more slices of cheese (any kind you like), and then the sandwich is ready to go in the oven. You can cook for about 4 mins, making sure that the bread is golden, then flip the sandwich and cook for four mins on the other side. Next time you’re looking for a food pairing for buffalo sauce, try your own variation on the classic grilled cheese.

5. Buffalo Sauce Nachos

We all love nachos, whether you’re enjoying them at a party, or while watching a movie. Regular nachos are just fine, but if you’re looking for a little variety,  try adding buffalo sauce. Make your nachos as normal, and then add a little mild buffalo sauce on top. If you prefer, go all the way and add shredded chicken too. 

There are so many tasty buffalo chicken nacho recipes to try. Remember, you don’t always have to follow the recipe exactly. If there’s an ingredient you love that’s not included- add it in anyway. Cooking is all about experimenting.

6. Buffalo Mac & Cheese

Buffalo mac & cheese is certainly one that you don’t want to miss. To cook up this tasty recipe you’ll need macaroni, flour, butter, cheddar cheese, hot sauce, chicken, celery, and blue cheese. Buffalo mac & cheese is easy to make, essentially it’s a standard mac and cheese recipe that includes hot sauce. It’s the perfect dish to cook up on a Sunday afternoon when you’re craving a little comfort food. There are so many different mild buffalo sauce pairings to try.

7 . Carrots & Celery

Looking for an alternative to hummus? Buffalo sauce is a great dipping sauce for carrots and celery. Next time you’re serving up your dips, don’t forget to reach for some tasty mild buffalo sauce.

As you can see, buffalo sauce is incredibly versatile. There are plenty of alternatives to wings for pairing with mild sauce. Whether you like your buffalo sauce mild or hot, these tasty food pairings are a delicious way to enjoy your buffalo sauce.

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